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Welcome to my website. I am Joshua Kamp. I am 17 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I am now on my high school in the Netherlands. After finishing my high school in the Netherlands I want to go to the IVA Business school. In my spare time I develop apps for IOS, Android and Windows phone's and tablets. For more information about my apps click the Apps button in the menu.  Besides developing apps I also develop websites. If you click on the menu button for websites you can find different examples off my websites. My interests for computers started when I was young. I was always experimenting all kinds of things with computers. A few years ago I began working with OS X. It's by far the best operating system I have used making apps and websites. I hope you enjoy my website and you can get a good view of my abilities. I hope to hear from you soon!


Because of my interests for computers I began developing apps. I develop apps for IOS, Android and Windows phone's and tablets. If you would like to have a app you can contact me and then we will follow three steps: First we will have a conversation about the subject of the app and the futures that the app will provide. When I have the information that I need I will start developing some examples to give you an idea about the possibilities with different styles of the app. I will give you a Live presentation to show everything so you can make sure that you choose the right style for you. Of course we can also provide examples by email. After you checked the app and everything is as you would like it to be we can publish the app to the IOS appstore Google Play store and the Windows store

Why a App?

I often get the question "Why should I get a app if I have a good mobile website". My answer is always that there are genuinely some benefits with apps. A few examples are that apps will provide a more user friendly interface, it will also be better integrated with your mobile phone and it also looks more professional. In the meantime people will find your company more easily in a appstore like the IOS appstore, Google play store or the Windows store.


Besides developing apps I also develop websites. I create all kinds of websites like personal websites but also websites for company's. The design of a website will be created with the design that will fit the customer. When all content is placed in the website and all things are as you would like them to be we can place it Online! When you publish your website you can choose between different URL's like .com or .nl (the country URL of the Netherlands). Almost all kinds of URL's are possible.

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